R1 300

Virtue Paintball constantly innovate new products that revolutionize the industry with their upgrade boards, innovative g-force spire loader and crown feed upgrade kit. The VIO is an innovative head and eye protective system that gives players the visibility they need to play effectively while extremely customizable to make it your own! The quick-change lens system lets players quickly swap out their lenses for different colours and replacement when they are too scartched up! Low profile protection keeps the goggle compact while offering excellent coverage at your ears, face and chin! Ventilated face guard gives you the ability to breathe and talk easily with it's angled vents. Pick up your Virtue VIO today and style the mask to make it truly unique with thousands of customized configurations!


  • Innovated Virtue product that is customizable at almost every piece of the mask for a unique look!
  • Wide area of vision with it's optical correct lens which lets you see clearly on the field
  • Hinge Lock system allows for quick change of the lens if you need to change for lighting conditions or replacement!
  • Ventilated face guard allows for airflow for increase breathability
  • Low target profile while increase coverage at the ears, neck and chin for better protection
  • 100% UV Protection on the lens so you can wear the masks all day long