Tippmann is an American-based manufacturer of paintball markers and paintball accessories and equipment, including military simulation kits. The company always tries hard to bring innovation to their engineering technology. They also designed the first automatic marker and the use of refillable air systems. In fact, Tippmann also developed the “Cyclone feed” system. They also have an A.C.T technology (anti-Chip Technology) that lessens jam chance due to misfed paintballs.

Tippmann Sports also acquired NXe, which is a maker of soft goods for the paintball industry. Tippmann has excellent customer service that strives its best to answer all their valuable customer problems and queries. Today, Tippmann is famous for its various paintballs playing gears, paintball markers, and also sports goods. Today, Tippmann paintball markers, especially tactical compact rifles and Cronus, are very famous in the industry.




Tippmann Tactical are precision match grade BBs that are designed to work with all barrel types from tight-bore, to wide-bore, and everything else in between.
For improved accuracy, Tippmann Tactical BBs are perfectly spherical with a high polish and no seams.




Precision manufacturing process ensures consistency (5.95mm+.01mm)
High gloss finish polish results in a BB free of seams and surface imperfections
Improved accuracy and shot consistency
Designed to be used with all FPS ranges, Tippmann Tactical BBs are less prone to chipping, chopping, or shattering even in high FPS / high pressure situations
These BB’s are part of Tippmann’s Eco Friendly line, and are suitable for outdoor use.


Weight: .30g
Color: Purple
Quantity: 3330ct